DataVision provides service through two different business.

DataVision Communications is a telecommunications company that provides fiber broadband, voice and video to customers in Hubbard, Woodburn, Brooks, parts of Salem and unincorporated Marion County.

DataVision Communications

Powerful. Affordable. Local.

We offer you fiber optic reliability, quality, and speed at a competitive price. We know telecommunications so you don’t have to!

DataVision is the preferred Internet and telephone provider for large and small businesses in the Woodburn, Brooks, Hubbard area; and residences, too.

DataVision Cooperative

A non-profit Cooperative

DataVision cooperative is a non profit, member owned COOP governed by a Board of Directors that sets policy to represent members’ interests and ensure the company’s success. By purchasing services from DataVision, you are making an investment in a company where you are a part owner. The company, when able, returns part of the investment to its members as capital credits. The cooperative requires money to maintain and upgrade its infrastructure and equipment. Recently, a large multi-year investment is being made to upgrade facilities from copper to fiber to provide a state of the art internet experience. Each year after determining the necessary operating budget and available funds, the Board of Directors determines when and which capital credits will be retired to the members.

When we’re successful, everyone benefits. 

We improve our products
The community benefits from increased opportunities
We reinvest in infrastructure
We hire more people
We share our profits- sometimes in the form of dividends, back to you, our member!

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Datavision Cooperative Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 20 at 5 p.m. at the company office located at 489 3rd Street.  Please RSVP to 503.792.3611 if you would like to attend.