Residential Internet

Mom working on a laptop with her daughter
Mom working on a laptop with her daughter


All plans are unlimited and have no data caps

30Mb x 10Mb
60Mb x 30Mb
100Mb x 50Mb
250Mb x 75Mb
Gigabit x 100Mb

30Mb x 10Mb

This speed is:

  • Basic internet service
  • Good for surfing
  • Good for streaming
  • Good for 1-3 devices 
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60Mb x 30Mb

This speed is:

  • Ready for multiple devices
  • Good for surfing
  • Good for streaming
  • Good for uploading large files
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100Mb x 50Mb

This speed is:

  • Great for fast downloads
  • Great for HD online gaming, no lag
  • Great for video chatting
  • Great for streaming 4K video & TV
  • Great for working from home
  • Great for online learning
  • Great for 5+ devices
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250Mb x 75Mb

This speed is:

  • Excellent for multiple devices
  • Excellent for fast downloads
  • Excellent for HD online gaming, no lag
  • Excellent for video chatting
  • Excellent for streaming 4K video & TV
  • Excellent for working from home
  • Excellent for online learning
  • Great for up to 9 heavy bandwidth users!
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Gigabit x 100Mb

This speed is:

  • Incredibly-fast for downloads and uploads on every active device in your home
  • Ideal for 4K multi-player gaming
  • Ideal for video chatting
  • Ideal for streaming 8K video & TV
  • Ideal for working from home on multiple devices
  • Ideal for online learning
  • Best for 12+ devices
1 Gbps is 100-times faster than the average US internet connection!
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Speed Demo

Compare our Internet download speeds!

We built this speed test to show you the difference in speeds when downloading a video, streaming music, and downloading a picture. Choose the type of file you want to download and watch the bars below to compare how quickly your file is processed for each internet plan.

1000 Mbps

250 Mbps

100 Mbps

60 Mbps

30 Mbps

Your Internet Speed

DataVision’s High Speed Internet is fast and reliable.

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  • No Phone Line Required
  • No Data Caps
  • Reliable Network
  • Fiber Optic Internet Where Available
12 month agreement required in order to waive $99 install fee

Managed Wi-Fi

Are you tired of dealing with your router to make your Wi-Fi work? You can now sign up for our Router/managed Wi-Fi plan for only $9.95 per month!

Professional installation*

Managed Wifi

Expert technicians

Real time remote management


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Save $12.75/month if you qualify

Lifeline service is a government program designed to make monthly residential telecommunication services more affordable to eligible low-income customers.